Kids Menu

Garlic Bread (V)
2 slices of garlic bread

Soup of the Day
Delicious Homemade soup with bread
Pick 'N' Mix just £3.25

Wow with so many combinations what will you choose?

Choice #1:

Chicken Nuggets
Six whole chicken breast nuggets
Beef Burger Served in a seeded bun
Lincolnshire Sausages
Two pork sausages in gravy
Free range egg omelette

Choice #2:

Thick cut chips
Jacket Potato

Choice #3:

Baked Means
Much Crunch

Kids Mains just £3.25

Cheese and Tomato Pizza
served with chips

Fish and Chips
Mini battered fish fillets served with chips and peas

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Mamma mia! Scrummy spaghetti with a bolognaise sauce and garlic bread

Macaroni Cheese
Delicious pasta in a creamy cheesy sauce with a crispy topping

Cheesy Beans on Toast
Baked means served on white toast with grated cheddar cheese

Roast Dinner
Mini roast of the day served with pototo and

Kids Desserts just £1.50

Homemade Ice Cream
Build your own sundae with a choice of toppings

Jelly Pot
Wibble Wobble fruit jelly pots

Bananas and Custard

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